695 Challenger Way, Forked River, NJ

Play Day Place Event Rules and Regulations

NOTICE: By placing an event deposit with Play Day Place, you hereby agree to the below rules and regulations set forth in this document. 

The following rules and regulations are implemented to ensure that guests and Play Day Place staff cooperate to provide the best possible event experience for all concerned. We appreciate your compliance.

  1. $100 deposit is due at time of booking a private event. Reservations of $100 are deducted from your overall event price the day of the private event.
  2. Open Play events are charged a party room fee of $50+tax for reservations.  Open Play events do not get the party room fee deducted from their overall party as the party room fee is charged separately ahead of time which also counts as your reservation.
  3. Party/Event Room Use​
    1. 2 hour parties and events are each allotted 30 minutes in the party dining area to serve food, drinks, and dessert. At the close of the 30 minute period, all guests will re-enter the play area for the duration of the event.
  4. Arrival Time​​
    1. ​Guests are asked to arrive no sooner than 10 minutes prior to their event.
  5. ​​​​​Decoration Policy
    1. Glitter, confetti, or similar decorations to be scattered on the premises are PROHIBITED with a fine of $500. 
    2. Guests ARE PERMITTED to supply their own decorations with the following conditions:​​
      1. ​Decorations MUST be brought to Play Day Place one day prior to the event.
      2. Play Day Place staff will decorate the party room in advance of the event with the decorations provided. Guests are not permitted to decorate the party room themselves.
      3. Suggested decorations:​
        1. ​Table cloths/covers – for three 8 foot long tables and one 6 foot long table
        2. Banners or wall decorations – for three party room walls​
        3. Balloons for each table and for the guest of honor’s chair
        4. NOTE: We do not inflate balloons at our facility.
  6. Gift Table/Party Favors​
    1. ​Guests are to leave gifts on Play Day Place’s Gift Table at the facility’s front entrance. 
    2. Party Favors are also placed on the gift table as they are not permitted in the facility during an event. Guests will receive their party favors upon departure.
  7. ​Food and Beverage​​
    1. Pizza is served in 1/16 slices.  “Two slices” refers to two 1/16 slices of pizza.
    2. Subs are divided into 1/8 pieces, which is roughly 2 inches per piece.
    3. Food and beverage allergies are taken into consideration; substitutions for individuals can be provided upon request.
    4. Food and beverages are not included for adults. However, you may order extra pizzas at the time of booking. ​
  8. Cancellation Policy​
    1. Once you have confirmed the date with a $100 deposit or $50+tax, your party is booked. Fifty dollars ($50) will be deducted from your deposit for any cancellation after this point. Open Play parties will receive $26.75. Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations within a month of the booked party.
    2. ​​Snow Storm Cancellation Policy: If, due to a snow storm on or around the date of your reserved party, you feel the need to cancel your party, Play Day Place reserves the right to withhold any deposit if Play Day Place is officially open for admission on the day of the scheduled party. In the event Play Day Place is officially closed, we will return your deposit or reschedule your party for a later date.​
    3. ​Any child one-year-old or over is counted as part of the party package.